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MP Mark Garnier has been making headlines here in the UK — he’s under investigation into whether he broke ministerial rules after he admitted asking his secretary to buy sex toys.

We’d run a quick Narrative Analysis™ to see how he’s faring. Not well, as it turns out.

While there is some long-term goodwill from events past (including some ‘Christmas cheer’), the most powerful content is around recent events:

Likewise, whilst his personal narrative has achieved Timeless status — an achievement many politicoians might envy, under other circumstances…

…the prevailing Emotional Orientation is squarely negative in tone:

Topics and Themes just underscores that, historical good deeds and good will aside, Garnier has become the central theme in a toxic narrative. There’s little comfort to be found here for the beleaguered MP:

Not good. But the clincher probably comes from a look at Emotional Response: this metric illustrates very clearly that the engaged audience of Garnier’s narrative reflects back a rich mix of negative affect, coupled with a strong tone of Expectation:

Conditions under which, in our experience, heads roll.

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