• Predict Market Behaviour
    From Open Data.

    That’s what our products do. In all major languages and regions.
    Fast, simple and cost-effective.

  • Value Not Volume

    Unlike ‘social listening’, our products don’t simply measure volume — we quantify genuine engagement to deliver actionable understanding of your market.

  • Achieve Communication Power.

    Identify and exploit effective micro-influence.

  • Break Through Your Media Bubble.

    Know what really drives the issues that impact your world.

  • For Sale: Subject Matter Expertise*

    *No Subject Matter Expertise Required

  • Achieve Emotional Impact.

    Discover the Emotions Which Drive Behaviour.

Market Orientation For A Changing World

Our platform analyses millions of behavioural interactions with content,
to offer an objective read on engagement, media power,
and the authentic emotional drivers of behaviour.

Free of bias.

On any topic, in any major language and market, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Our Customers

Our media-neutral engagement analytics assist focussed, topic-specific media and messaging planning: to empower our customers to craft cost-effective multi-channel media strategies with clarity and confidence.

marketing customers

Our narrative categorisation and content power metrics provide our customers the clarity they require to understand engagement ‘in the wild’, and to effectively plan and allocate resources to achieve maximum effect.

government customers

Our proprietary media power measures, coupled with our unique emotional analysis, provide a clear reading on the emotional underpinnings of market and stock movements, and investor engagement.

capital markets customers
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