Products & Pricing

How We Price

Our model is simple — you buy points on our site, and redeem them against whichever combination of products and services you need.

If you have a voucher (hint: hook up with one of our business partners), then your purchase works even harder.

Buying Points

To purchase points, just set up an account. We accept all major payment methods.

Points are sold in a number of cost-effective bundles:

Bundle (Points) Price (USD)
1000 1000
5200 5000
11000 10000

Product Pricing

Product Number of Points
Significance Landscape (up to 100 Topics) 10000
Significance Driver (Up to 10 Entities/Brands x 10 Attributes) 10000
Significance Content (one topic/30 days) 1000
Single Narrative Analysis 100


To redeem points against product, simply log into your account, then click the Create Report button, choose the product type you need, and fill in the relevant details. If you need help, just ask.


Please contact us if you are interested in access to expert consultancy services. Our global network of Business Partners are expert in your sector, in your market.

Enterprise Pricing

Please contact us if you are an Enterprise customer and wish to discuss Enterprise pricing options.