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Our proprietary platform, earth.ai, analyses millions of behavioural interactions with content, to model human interaction with your world, and to offer an objective read on engagement, media power, and the authentic emotional drivers of behaviour.

earth.ai powers our products, and is at the heart of everything we do.

Advanced Engagement Metrics

earth.ai models human emotional response and engagement ‘in the wild’, to deliver insight into the drivers of behaviour. To do this, our products exploit its power to analyse the structure and content of the narratives relevant to your world. Core measures output are detailed below:

Content Power

Content Power is a measure of the power of individual pieces of content, to capture and to drive engagement with a narrative’s core themes.

Emotional Depth

Affect is a rich measure of the emotional tone of the content which most powerfully drives engagement. Understanding of the emotional drivers empower you to better understand, and respond appropriately to, the emotional impact of the narrative.


Understanding of the media which most efficiently drives engagement assists in development of focused, cost-effective media strategies — whether that involves traditional media spend, or the strengthening of relationships with emergent media channels.

Narrative Categorisation

Understanding the structural nature of a narrative offers valuable guidance on whether it worthy of investment, and if so, how. Are the narratives which drive engagement in your world Timeless — driven by consensus and authority, or Tribal — driven by debate and the sharing of personal experience? Most are Transient, having little real strength to change the world.

Emotional Orientation

Affect Orientation is a measure of the degree to which a narrative stimulates an emotional response: active or passive, positive or negative. Most narratives are neutral, and provoke little emotional response.