Uber Credit Card: Seeing past my own bubble

On a personal note I can’t say I was thrilled by an Uber credit card …. a company knee-deep in many serious and systemic issues, now moving into financial services didn’t sit that well ….. at least to me. … Read More

“Xi Jinping Thought”: An Expectant World

A quick Narrative Analysis of “Xi Jinping Thought” globally across English speaking markets reveals a world dominated by expectation. Under the surface there are concerns ….. (cynicism & despair) but that won’t stop the planet positively engaging with this new framework of Chinese policy.
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Five Rules For Effective Queries

Google and its ilk rank by authority. Our platform — earth.ai — ranks by engagement, the driver of behaviour. Therefore, although you can use the same queries as you use in Search Engines, you may find that the tips here … Read More

“What would Jesus do about Artificial Intelligence?”

Ok, America, the Jesuit Review isn’t my go-to read on the psychology and sociology of AI. To be honest, I’d never heard of the publication, although its masthead claims it as “the leading provider of editorial content for thinking Catholics … Read More