Selecting the next judge for MasterChef Australia – better decisions: simple, fast, accurate

Elisa Choy of Strategic Data Central looks at who the next judge of MasterChef should be – from the market’s perspective. It’s been 10 years. It’s time for a new dynasty for MasterChef Australia. It’s time for a strategic rebrand, which … Read More

25 Years After Social Media: A Reality Check

It’s 25 years—a generation—since the founders of Significance Systems, John Ricketts and Darrell Berry,  invented and named Social Media. Now, the Internet so pervades society that it constitutes a fabric that enables the instrumentation of our social world. Enough of … Read More

Knitting Narratives: How the Planet values Wool

Damien Madden of the Woolmark Company, and Dave McCaughan of AI.Agency, talk to us about making what they do matter more to the world. This is a modified version of a keynote presentation at IIex US.  “Australia lives on the sheep’s back”. It’s … Read More

Reducing the Strategic Risk to Your Business

Mark Jones of Riskloop explores how Significance Systems reduces the strategic risk in business, with particular focus on the mining industry. Mark was interviewed by Austmine — the leading industry body for the Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector, … Read More