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Whoever you are, whatever you do, you have an imperfect view of the drivers of market behaviour. Media bubbles, ‘fake news’, expectation and observer bias — all push you further from the reality of the market.

A Bias-Free Read on the Drivers of Market Behaviour

Our platform models the genuine drivers of market behaviour.

This enables our products to deliver actionable intelligence into the emotional response, media, content, topics and themes which really shape your world.

Above, you can see the world’s Emotional Response to some key global and local stories.

Click on the images to view in more detail, and to explore a full Narrative Analysis of each topic.

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Powerful, Objective Analysis

How Do I Cost-Effectively Drive Influence?

Narrative Analysis™’s bias-free Media Power measure shows you the sites which have real power against your narrative, and are specific to this particular narrative. They may be mainstream media, social voices, or micro-influencers.

What’s the Outlook?

Narrative Analysis™’s unique Engagement Categorisation and Emotional Orientation metrics deliver fast, reliable orientation. Identify the strongest stories, and achieve a clear understanding of market momentum.

How Do I Perform on Attributes versus My Competitors?

The Emotional Response measure highlights your performance versus that of your competitors. Where are you strong/weak? What do you own? Where do you have weakness? From the market’s view, what can you leverage?

Identify The Key Themes

The Topics and Themes measure identifies the key topics in the category, and the market orientation to them. Look here for market problems/solutions and expectations.

Target The Messages/Positionings Which Drive Your Category

Some attributes work harder than others. Significance Driver™’s Attribute Power measure shows the contribution of each attribute to the overall performance score of a brand, product, employer or other entity. The Attribute Relationship measure shows you can see the relationship between attributes. This insight enables effective tuning of messaging. More detail still can be found in Topics and Themes.

Improve Content to Drive Preference and Sales

You can see the specific content which drives preference via the Content Power measure. Learn from what is working — is it video? Infographics? White papers? Third party voices? What is the tone? Is it dramatising the problem? Or Lifestyle? Understanding Content Power means you can get specific.

Emotional Response Examples can sense and quantify over 400 named emotional states — in response to any story, in most languages and markets.

Emotional Response is just one of the many unique metrics we deliver.

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