We Deliver Utility From
The World's Narratives

Our unique science and platform deliver insight into the stories which drive behavior.
At scale, in all major languages and markets.

Our Vision

Our mission is to deliver utility from the world’s narratives. Our platform and products exist to do just that. Our vision is to provide a fact, accurate objective read on the market, to better understand, predict and influence its behaviour.

Our Team

In Tokyo in 1994, our founders Darrell Berry & John Ricketts developed the idea of ‘social media’ – heralded by Forbes magazine as the earliest example of the concept.

Today, our team brings together commercial, mathematical and software engineering expertise, to deliver data-based communications insight which saves our clients time, effort and budget.

Our Platform

earth.ai analyses millions of behavioural interactions with content, to model human interaction with your world, and to offer an objective read on engagement, media power, and the authentic emotional drivers of behaviour.

earth.ai powers our products, and is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Science

Starting with a particular topic of interest, we model the interrelationships between the conversations on this topic: across the Web, blogs, traditional and Social Media. This process generates the narrative graph of the topic.

From the mathematical properties of the narrative graph, we can quantify key real-world measures which deliver actionable insight on the underlying narratives and the behaviours they drive.

Our Founders

Dr. Chris Beare


Chris is joint founder of Significance Systems.

He has diverse experience as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, investment banker, chief executive, and independent director. Chris has both led and been involved with numerous venture capital funded companies including Wizard Home Loans (later acquired by General Electric), and Radiata, which he led from two people to a successful sale to Cisco Systems for $595 million in 2000.

Chris has a Ph.D. and MBA from Harvard University.

Darrell Berry


Darrell is joint founder of Significance Systems.

With Dr. John Ricketts, he invented the earth.ai platform, and Social Media (Forbes).

Darrell has consulted to Fortune 500 companies, Government and NGOs, and designed media analytics technologies with the world’s largest media and research groups.

As a photographer, his work has been published internationally, including by Vogue Italia, and A Magazine.

Dr John Ricketts


John is a joint founder of Significance Systems.

With Darrell Berry, John invented the earth.ai platform and Social Media (Forbes).

Advisory to Government, NGOs and Companies – in particular, NICTA (Australia’s Information and Communications Technology Research Centre of Excellence) and IBM.

A serial inventor, John holds a number of patents in applied science and communications.

John has a Ph.D. in Physics from Birmingham UK.