The Strongest Story Wins

What’s the Strongest Story for your Market, Category or Brand?

Significance Landscape™
Engage with Engagement.

Understanding engagement is hard.

But it’s the key to owning the Strongest Story.

What Matters to This Category?

Landscape’s unique Narrative Categorisation and Emotional Orientation metrics deliver fast, reliable orientation. Identify the strongest stories, and achieve a clear understanding of market momentum.

How Do I Cost-Effectively Drive Influence?

Landscape’s bias-free Amplification measure shows you the sites which have real power against the narrative, and are specific to this particular narrative. They are the micro-influencers, not Stephen Fry.

How Do I Optimise My Content?

Landscape’s precise Content Power metrics indicate the specific content which drives the narrative — whilst Visual Explorer empowers you to you learn from what is working. Is it video? Infographics? White papers? Third party voices? What is the tone? Is it dramatising a problem or selling a lifestyle?

What Does The Market Feel — And How Do I Leverage That?

Understanding how your market feels is key to successful messaging. Is your audience Angry, Scared, or Happy? Is there expectation of new news? Landscape’s sensitive Emotional Depth measure reports how the market feels — empowering you to adopt the right tone for engagement with it.

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Significance Landscape™. Engage with Engagement.
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