25 Years After Social Media: A Reality Check

It’s 25 years—a generation—since the founders of Significance Systems, John Ricketts and Darrell Berry,  invented and named Social Media. Now, the Internet so pervades society that it constitutes a fabric that enables the instrumentation of our social world. Enough of … Read More

Anti-‘social’. Dys-utility (And What to Do About It).

So, the original idea of Social Media — at least as we framed it in 1994/5 — was to make the social *structure* around content accessible and engageable — so you could interact with the other people who had engaged … Read More

‘Sex Toy MP’: prognosis poor.

MP Mark Garnier has been making headlines here in the UK — he’s under investigation into whether he broke ministerial rules after he admitted asking his secretary to buy sex toys.

We’d run a quick Narrative Analysis™ to see how he’s faring. Not well, as it turns out. … Read More

Five Rules For Effective Queries

Google and its ilk rank by authority. Our platform — earth.ai — ranks by engagement, the driver of behaviour. Therefore, although you can use the same queries as you use in Search Engines, you may find that the tips here … Read More