Significance Content™ — A Quick Guide

Automate Thought-Leadership

Why Use Significance Content™?

Today a content black hole means a business black hole.

Sales and marketing is increasingly moving to social sales and content marketing.

This has been hard for many organisations.

Your Content platform provides you with cut-through, fresh content that moves the dials against any narrative or theme in any market or language.

How can we make ‘Content’ easier and work harder?

We deliver the most powerful topical content to you daily. Share externally with peers, leads and sales opportunities, through your existing CRM system, blog or social channels, or email. Share internally for learning. Whatever works for you.

How do I improve my Content Performance every day?

  • Contextualise and share what’s already working.
  • Daily updates and weekly reviews, let’s you learn from the market.

What are the key Themes? Where is emergent Opportunity?

Each feed features a summary Weekly Review, which includes an analysis of Topics and Themes. This analysis highlights the topics which most powerfully drive the narrative, and the market orientation towards each. Look here, to better understand market problems/solutions and expectations.

How does the Market feel? Globally? Locally?

Understanding how people feel is a key ingredient of your understanding of the market. Are they Angry? Scared? Happy? Are they expecting new news? The Weekly Review’s Emotional Response analysis shows how any market feels on any subject.