Significance Narrative Analysis™ — A Quick Guide

Rapid Perspective

Why Use Significance Narrative Analysis™?

The Narrative Analysis platform provides a cost-effective, rapid Point-of-View.

This simple guide will help you best utilise the insights the platform delivers.

Most simply, Narrative Analysis provides a rapid market orientation, based upon the behaviour of the market or country you’ve specified. You can exploit this orientation to answer basic questions and improve business performance.

Narrative Analysis clarifies Market engagement, for any topic, in any market and language.

How do I improve my Content?

You can see which specific content drives the narrative within the [Content Power] and [Exploration]. tabs. Learn from what is working. Is it video? Infographics? white papers? Third party voices? What is the tone? Is it dramatising the problem? Or Lifestyle? Get specific.

Is my Content working?

Do you see your content within the [Content Power] tab? If not, then it’s delivering little value. Yes, you may have ‘Likes’, but your voice isn’t contributing to the agenda.

How does the Market feel? How do I leverage that?

Understanding how people feel is a key ingredient of your messaging — are they Angry, Scared, Happy? Are they expecting new news? The [Emotional Response] tab shows how the market feels so you can take the right tone.

Which Media matters most?

The [Amplification] tab answers the following questions:

  • What’s driving engagement for my brand/product?
  • Is my media spend allocated to the most powerful media vehicles?
  • How many media sites drive significant engagement? Many or few?
  • Are your own sites players… or also-rans?
  • How much contribution does Facebook make? How about YouTube?
  • Does your investment in high quality media deliver? Do less expensive sites deliver more?

What are the key Themes ?

The [Topics and Themes] tab identifies the key topics in the narrative, and the Market’s orientation to them. Look here for market problems/solutions and expectations.

What’s the Outlook?

Narrative Analysis’s unique Engagement Categorisation and Emotional Orientation metrics deliver fast, reliable orientation. Identify the strongest stories, and achieve a clear understanding of market momentum.