Significance Driver™ — A Quick Guide

Improve Performance

Why use Significance Driver™?

The Driver platform delivers fast, efficient performance measures for key brands/products/ services versus competitors, against whatever attributes you need.

Our measures correlate strongly with market choice, and are strong predictors of future behaviour.


  • provides a bias-free market orientation, based on the attributes you define. You can
    exploit this orientation to answer key business questions and improve performance.
  • clarifies competitive advantage in the category, and provides an implementation path.

How do you drive Preference more cost-effectively?

Within the [Media Power] tab, you can view the most powerful media sites. These sites have real power in driving preference across the category, They look across the whole market. These are the most effective in driving preference. They may be social, traditional media or micro-influencers.

How does the Market feel about you?

Understanding how people feel is a key ingredient of your brand/product or service messaging. Are they Angry? Scared? Happy? Are they expecting new news? The [Emotional Response] tab indicates how the market feels about you.

How are you performing on Attributes versus your Competitors?

The [Emotional Response] tab highlights your performance against that of your competitors.

  • Where are you strong/weak?
  • What are you owning?
  • Where do you have weakness?
  • From the market’s perspective, what can you leverage?

What Messages/Positioning drive the Category?

Some attributes work harder than others. The [Attribute Power] tab shows the contribution of each attribute to the overall brand performance score. You can see the relationship between attributes in the [Attribute Relationships] tab. This empowers you to tune messaging, fast, and effectively. More richness can be explored in the [Topic and themes] tab.

How do I improve my Content to drive Preference/Sales?

You can identify which content drives preference within the [Content Power] tab. Learn from what is working:

  • Is it video? Infographics? White papers? Third party voices?
  • What is the tone? Is it dramatising the
    problem? Or Lifestyle? Get specific.
  • Don’t see your own content? If not, then it isn’t strongly driving
    preference across the category.

What are the key Themes across the category?

The [Topics and Themes] tab identifies the key topics in the category, and the Market’s orientation to them. Look here for market problems/solutions and expectations.