Helping You Escape Your Bubble

Media Bubbles are an important contributor to our increasingly broken world.

We all live inside them, whether by choice or design.

They matter.

They take us more distant from reality, and from each other.

Seeing past our media bubbles is costly, difficult and time-consuming. We need a simple, effective way to improve our decision making, and to close the gap between our understanding of the market and its reality.

Our products enable you to do just this: to easily look past whatever bubble you’re stuck in, to find what shapes the world. On-line, Fast, Simple, Easy.

Our platform,, is available now.

We believe journalism and education are important.

So, we make our platform accessible to journalists and students. For free.

If you are a journalist or student, please apply below. We can’t give you unlimited access. But we’ll do what we can.

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